Monday, November 21, 2011


DATELINE: ON SEASAME STREET, LEARNING ABOUT CO-OPEATION: Apparently some place that NONE of the fucking assholes from the US Senate and the US Congress ever bothered to do, and the cost, not to them, because they will still get paid, will be huge. The Republicans can’t bear the idea of taxing the rich, because that’s where they are getting their money, and where a lot of those politicians fall in the tax schedule! Democrats are too attached to their social programs and don’t want to give them up! The Republicans don’t want a deal because then they can use the whole clusterfuck to campaign against Obama and when they get in and control Washington, they can put whatever bills they want forward. The Democrats didn’t want a deal so that Obama could campaign against Congress. Quit playing the God damned games and do what you are paid to do. We all have to do that; why don’t you? You have a job – be fucking glad for that! – so just do it and quit with the kindergarten theatrics.

Here’s a little fucking reality check for all of you dickheads. The social programs will die anyways when there is no one working because there are no jobs. As they walk away from their homes to let them rot because they can’t pay their mortgages or their utilities, they will NOT be paying taxes either. They will not be buying the shit that the merchants who still have stores are trying to sell. They will not be buying cars, putting more people out of work. They will not be travelling, because who the fuck can afford to. If they are expected to carry the weight of the debt because those in the top 1% have the money for the accountants to find the loopholes to get them out of paying taxes. It’s happened for years, but god forbid that get dealt with. God forbid they may have to coin up a little bit. Of course, they will have more desperate, destitute people to take advantage of, because those trying to feed their families will do anything they have to, so let’s take advantage of them.
Now, why do I give a flying fuck about the US Congress and US Senate being populated with colossal dickheads, and a committee of Super-assholes? I don’t live down there, I don’t pay taxes down there, and my passport does not have the seal of the United States of America on it. But I do care. I care because I have friends down there who already cannot make ends meet. I have friends who have lost everything they worked years to build, and they lost it through no fucking fault of their own, but because of the crap pulled by the companies and government officials who have only one interest in mind – their own pockets and the amount of money in those pockets. They don’t give a flying crap about anyone else, about the people who pay their wages, and go without so there can be huge bonuses for work that a fucking trained monkey and an abacus could do.

I care because not only did these idiots fuck over their own country, they have fucked over a whole lot of other countries whose currencies and economies are already suffering from the shit going on from the mismanagement down there. Welcome to the shit that goes along with being a world power, the ‘most powerful country in the world’. Yes, we are pissed off, because by being a trading partner with you, you just fucked us as well. Yet the politicians have the audacity to thank each other for their work on the committee? Sorry, but they all fucking failed. You couldn’t be civil in the room – oh, wait... were you even in the same room? – so why the hell go through the absolutely insulting pretence now? You failed. You were PAID to do a job, and yet again, you pocket the money and fuck the tax payer. Well done. Please, remind us again, what exactly is your own personal wealth, Super Committee members? Perhaps if you depended on food stamps, medicaid, or were a vet living on just a veteran's benefits, you would have been more motivated to get off your ass and do something.

I would love for each of those idiots to do one thing, now that they have shown their priorities and their maturity. I would love for them to sit down in a fucking classroom with some Grade 10 students, and explain exactly what the fuck they were doing and why they were not able to agree on anything. I would like them to do it together, all of them, in one classroom, talking to the future, explaining to THEM why it was so impossible, why the word ‘compromise’ is nowhere in the political dictionary anymore, at least not in this era of the eternal election campaign. I would like for them to walk into the VA and explain to the men and women who have served and given so much for the safety and security of their country that their benefits, already abysmal, will be further cut. I would like them to explain to the people who depend on food stamps because they lost their jobs because of the shit pulled by corporate offices as they send the work overseas where it can be done cheaply (who cares about the quality) and will mean more money in their own pockets, that they can no longer have food stamps, because those were cut as well. I hope they have some lubricant with them for that, because it would at least be a believable sympathetic gesture in this pitiful comedy.

I guess, as the gap between rich and poor expands like a bank executive’s waistband, and the middle class is totally wiped out, elections just won’t matter a damn anymore. It’s hard to follow all that mudslinging when you have no television or radio, and you can’t afford a newspaper. Well done, Dickheads. Could John Kerry (D-Massachusetts), Max Baucus (D-Montana), John Kyl (R-Arizona), Pat Murray (D-Washington), Xavier Becerra (D-California), Jim Clyburn (D-South Carolina), Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland), Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Pat Toomey (R-Pennsylvania), Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), Fred Upton (R-Michigan) and Dave Camp (R-Michigan) please stand up and take a bow, for ensuring that those who can least afford it will once again carry the brunt of this partisan bullshit.

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