Tuesday, September 7, 2010



– I am one of many people who absolutely hates the comparison of any group to Hitler’s Nazis. It would be wonderful to think they were a dead breed, that there were no more people so fucking heartless, cruel, and self-serving as those assholes were. Enter the new age Christian Bible Thumpers, or in this case Pastor Terry Jones and his Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida. Take a minute to think of the meaning of the fucking name: The Dove World Outreach... and yet their plan? To burn holy books. Burning any book is something that totally fucking pisses me off – especially in the United States where they are supposedly enlightened, educated people who actually embraced freedom of speech AND freedom of religion in their own constitutional amendments... you know, those wonderful little collections of words embraced so tightly when they serve your own purpose, but if the religion is not Christian and the words are not to your liking, well, hell... let’s just fucking burn them. These fucking nimrods plan to BURN BOOKS – Holy books. They plan to burn copies of the Quran. How the hell many Islam people are going to sit back and say ‘well, didn’t we learn our lesson from that. We will no longer be terrorists.’ NONE, you fucking dolts! All you will do, apart from showing the colossal magnitude of your fucking stupidity is to help make even more of them believe that they are not tolerated in the free world... because, well... they are not. First off, not every Islamic person is a terrorist... not even a large percent of them... probably not even a small percentage of them, but rather an infinitesimal few are radicals, sort of like you ultra-conservative Bible-humpers, which are really no better. Secondly, Christians really do not have a hell of a lot of great history to be proud of. You remember from reading history, presupposing you can even read, about the crusades? The inquisition? Hell, there were more than a few nice little numbers like that where Christians killed indiscriminately those who did not embrace the Christian faith. Nothing like killing and destroying in the name of God. I wonder just how the hell long it will take before someone actually figures that out and realized what a fucked up bunch of people we have walking among us. Dove World Outreach – taking Hate and Asshattedness (and Irony as well) to heights it has never even hoped of going, and putting more of all our troops in even greater danger. In the name, though, of not just bitching about something, but offering an alternative, how about asking the people to pick up the Quran and read it, understand it, de-stigmatize it and help to end the fear and ignorance.

DATELINE: GETTING STONED, AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY – Sakiney Mahammadi Ashtiani is a 47-year old mother who is to be stoned to death for committing adultery. She has been in jail for five years now while this charade has played out... and now reports have been released that she received 99 lashes for appearing in a newspaper photo without her head scarf on. Now, the concept of whipping a person 99 times because they didn’t wear a scarf is asinine at best, HOWEVER, how the hell was she able to appear in a picture taken in a public place while she was under lock and key in Tabriz? Yes, they knew it was not her, and the paper, although stating it was Ashtiani in the picture, immediately corrected their mistake, but it didn’t matter. They were simply looking for a reason to be colossal asshole pricks and flog a woman again... and to hell with the reason. Any reason would do. She is now, reportedly, also charged with the murder of her husband, and to be fair I have no idea what happened to the man or when he died, but it does offer the Iranians the argument that she can be sentenced to death for murder, just as if she was convicted in any other place that has capital punishment. Of course, they totally forget the whole innocent until proven guilty thing, and based on their attitudes and track record, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that she was still in prison while he died, but what the fuck? Let’s just kill her anyways, because we don’t like her, because she is a woman. Civilized countries should take heart though, because they are now considering hanging instead of stoning... so that should make us all take a chill pill.

DATELINE: A LAND OF NO MILK AND NO HONEY – Reports released by the Save the Children foundation as well as by Unicef, the United Nation’s childrens’ agency, have concluded that simply by increasing the overall wealth of a country is doing nothing to help the children who live in poverty in those countries. Well... duh. Four million poor children are dying of neglect, something that could have been, and should have been, stopped years ago. Once again we see how the rich get richer, and the poor get to watch their babies die in their arms. According to the reports, efforts to make a difference in reducing child mortality around the world have gone terribly amiss. The truly criminal thing is that there are ways to help them, to get them food and medical supplies, but government red tape and bureaucracy... and the lining of the pockets of the rich... interfere. It is time that changed are affected, that organizations are allowed to get the help where it is needed. We live in a day and age where there is no excuse for these children to still be living in these conditions, where we have the means and ability to make sure there is food for every small stomach, where we can make a difference. Please do not sit there and bitch because you don’t have enough cell phone aps. Don’t waste your pity on the likes of attention whores like Brittney and Lindsay. There are babies starving on every continent... and its time it was stopped.

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