Tuesday, May 18, 2010

DAILY NEWS – MAY 18th, 2010 -- HAPPY 100th BLOG

DAILY NEWS – MAY 18th, 2010

DATELINE: UP TO THEIR ASSES IN OIL – Crap shoots and condoms are still the only plans of the day for stopping that fucking gusher in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico – bandaids at best while wildlife and livelihoods suffocate because of it. On the good side, it seems that there is no ONE person to blame for this. Inspections were not done, maintenance was not completely done, the oil company tried to cut corners, the hallmark of a true corporate entity in the world these days, and government regulatory bodies allowed them to cut corners. Amidst the updates for today is word that the oil spill has reached the loop current, that wonderful special spot in the ocean where the warmest waters swoop out of the Gulf, around the panhandle and up the eastern coast where the oil can contaminate that much more. It essentially means that the spill would become uncontainable at that point. There is also word that President Obama has, by executive order, called for a presidential commission to look into all aspects of this disaster, and yes, this is a fucking disaster. Among other things, the commission would review oil industry practices, rig safety, regulation and government oversight. The role of the MMS will also be reviewed, and none too soon. Let’s not forget the fact that MMS’s own records show they were negligent in their inspections of the Deepwater Horizon, so what the hell were they doing to earn the money they were being paid, other than kissing the asses of oil executives? Sadly it seems the only ones NOT under the gun on this would be the folks at Halliburton, those wonderful people who brought us the War in Iraq, who are still pocketing millions of dollars paid for with the lives of soldiers and civilians. It’s amazing how quietly they just keep running along in the fucking background, unquestioned and unaccountable as long as they bring in the fucking money.

DATELINE: MASSACHUSETTES – In a case that only adds emphasis to the fact that parenthood should require formal training and minimum qualifications, 24-year-old Matthew Brace tried to trade his 3-month-old daughter for two 40-ounce cans of beer. He was waiting outside a gas station convenience store while his wife was inside buying cigarettes and offered the child to a maintenance man working outside the building. Now, I have no fucking idea how long it takes to buy a package of cigarettes, because as you all know by now, I have no fucking vices, however, this man managed to find the time to almost die of thirst, because no other excuse would possibly work, THEN the maintenance man had time to phone the police, and THEN shit-for-brains Brace had time to take the baby and run to hide behind the fucking garbage can. Brace has been charged with reckless endangerment, the child has been taken into custody by state welfare. Somebody PLEASE check the water out there to see what the fuck is in it to make people do this stupid shit. That HAS to be the reason because its hard to believe people can be this stupid naturally.

DATELINE: ARIZONA – Just when you think the Catholic church cannot be any more irresponsible or asinine, they manage to up their game. Sister Margaret McBride was the administrator of St Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, a Catholic hospital, was reprimanded and demoted because she participated in the decision to perform an abortion that was necessary to save the mother’s life. Let me say this again... a young woman, pregnant and suffering from extreme pulmonary hypertension went to a hospital, a Catholic hospital, for medical help necessary to save her life, and because she was offered that help, she and the nun who worked there were excommunicated. So, lemme get this straight: it is okay to physically, sexually, emotionally and spiritually abuse children, to destroy their lives by this action, as long as the abuse was committed by a priest, BUT for a woman who is distressed and who’s life hangs in the balance to receive what was deemed by ALL protocols and staff as a necessary medical treatment, she deserves the ultimate penalty dished out by the Catholic Church. For starters, where the hell does the church get off telling ANYONE at a hospital that they cannot provide a necessary medical procedure? Seriously, if I am in distress, do I now have to stop and debate what hospital to go to because I might be refused treatment based on religious dogma? Bishop Olmsted, in charge of the diocese where the hospital is located, stated “An unborn child is not a disease. While medical professionals should certainly try to save a pregnant mother’s life, the means by which they do it can never be by directly killing her unborn child. The end does not justify the means.” Well, asshole, if the mother dies, and she is the vessel for the baby, the baby also dies. Now you have two people dead. Does this same logic apply to transplant cases, where the heart might be removed from one tragically dying child to save the life of another tragically dying child? Would they and their parent and the hospital staff also be excommunicated for their actions, because surely removing the heart from a child would accelerate death. But even more ignorant is that you dare to lay this crap, this religious bullshit on the doorstep of a woman who is probably suffering enough already, who could well be emotionally devastated that she lived at the expense of her child. Nothing like adding on the pain and... well... abuse. This is wrong, it is inexcusable, and it is about time this crap stopped. Why not try, just for the hell of it, to preach about love and understanding, about acceptance and respect, about faith... and forget all the other political and power-struggling bullshit.

DATELINE: ONLY IN FUCKING HOLLYWOOD – Whew! Charlie Sheen will be back in Two and a Half Men. The news broke and the sun started to shine all over the continent, because there were billions of people hoping and praying every day that we would not lose that Monday night show. Of course, the dollar amount wasn’t revealed, but seriously, we all knew it was about the fucking money and nothing else. Charlie Sheen wanted to concentrate on his film career and family? Gimme a fucking break. I am sure that while he is dealing on one phone with his agent for another big movie gig, in the other hand is the phone where he is pleading with jail officials to please please please let him have his cigarettes in jail, despite the fact that no inmate has been allowed to smoke in jail for 15 years. They are also working to get his time to serve reduced from 45 days, but he will do it if he has to. He can be a brave little soldier, own up, repent, use the 45 days to reflect on his life and the choices he’s made... or he will spend them breathing a sigh of fucking relief because by doing the time, he reduces his probation period afterwards, and god knows, he would not be able to keep his nose clean for two whole years. Two years! That’s a fucking lifetime by Sheen’s standards. Just as well, because what the hell else would I have to blog about if he was expected to not fuck up for that length of time?

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