Monday, May 31, 2010



– This is Israel’s situation -- always damned if they do and damned if they don't. If they do something to maintain their own country's security, they are condemned by the rest of the world, and if they don't, they will be attacked... again... by Palestinian terrorists. Israel is a country where people are trying to live their lives, where peace is only a dream, where no matter what they do, they receive global condemnation for their actions. Please remember that this is a country of Jewish people, a people who were literally turned away from almost every country in the world for no reason other than being Jewish, despite their plight or situation or need. So I ask, would we sit back and tolerate ships coming in to our waters with aide for terrorists hell-bent on annihilating us? If a flotilla pulled up in New York, what reception would they receive? Yes, the premise of the flotilla in question was that they were working for the cause of peace. That’s why they brought 600 people along for the ride? It takes that many people to deliver aide to the Gaza Strip? Here is the thing. For several years now, both Egypt and Israel have been forced to check the ships that come in with supplies to Gaza. Terrorism is a daily fact of life there, something we would not tolerate on this side of the ocean. The attacks in Israel are not front-page news here, but they happen... daily. The fact of the matter is that aide to Gaza is, essentially, aide to Hamas, a known terrorist organization that makes no secret of the fact that they want Israel removed from the map. Hamas will make sure the people living in Gaza, their own Palestinian people, do not have the aide they need. They can’t afford to allow those people to flourish, because by keeping people oppressed and poor and uneducated, terrorists can further their own cause and create more hate. The ships that were boarded were done so in a routine fashion. These particular ones, though, were intending very publicly to run the blockade, to breach the security lines that help to protect the people of Israel. Now, let’s face it; no one else has the balls to stand up and help the Israelis, so they have to take care of themselves, and so we should butt out and let them. The inspection followed the set routine that does not change from ship to ship, but while doing nothing more than what our customs agents do every fucking day in this country, they were attacked, and they were attacked for the ONLY purpose of garnering media attention to those running the blockades. The Israeli forces who were doing the inspection were not heavily armed as the media would like us to think, and they were attacked and beaten for doing their job. It is interesting though, that there were people on board the flotilla who were assigned the task of specifically ‘defending the journalists’, which smacks to me of nothing more than a propaganda load of crap indicating the attempt to aide was nothing more than an opportunity to incite problems for the Israeli government. It matters not if there were weapons found on the damned boats. If there was nothing to hide, there would be no reason to attack those tasked with inspecting the shipments. Had someone tried to breach our borders or our security, they would feel the full brunt of the law, not condemnation from the rest of the world. Governments should hang their heads in shame. Perhaps if Prime Minister Netanyahu could find some oil under their dry, blood-stained soil, they might get more international support. It seems it always comes back to that.

DATELINE: IN THE MARBLE HALLS OF INJUSTICE – In 2005, a boy at a SkyTrain Station in Surrey, BC was beaten to death. The reason for this was because he was wearing a chain around his neck that Katherine Quinn, 22 at the time, wanted for herself. Matthew Martins, 16, fought back, and that prompted Quinn to order her boyfriend, the ball-less, brainless Robert Forslund, to attack. While Quinn screamed ‘If you love me, you will kill him’ to Forslund, the boy was slammed repeatedly into a wall, kicked as he lay on the ground and then had his throat slip with a broken beer bottle... FOR A FUCKING CHAIN ON HIS NECK. There were four witnesses to the crime, all of whom testified at the trials. The Judge hearing the retrial (ordered on a technicality after the first trial saw a guilty verdict for both Quinn and Forslund) said that the four witnesses were not reliable in her opinion, and so Ms Quinn was found ‘not guilty’. Yes, this sick piece of crap who at the very least stood and watched, if not actively participating in, the attack is free to walk the streets. God help anyone who happens to wear something Quinn takes a hankering to, because undoubtedly she now believes, and probably rightly so, that she has the world by the ass and can do nothing that will send her to prison. Our justice system sucks here people. Of course, Comrade Harper won’t give a rat’s ass unless it’s one of his that gets violated. My heartfelt condolences go to the family and friends of Martins, and I hope that means more than the same condolences offered by Madam Justice Baker as she read her verdict and declared justice had indeed been carried out. Justice? My ass.

DATELINE: WHERE BP MAKES ME SLICK TO MY STOMACH – Just when ya think there is nothing more they can do to surprise us, BP manages. A restraining order has been filed against the oil giant... yes, a restraining order, filed by a fisherman who was helping them and who got sick. Here’s how it worked. BP went to the out of work fishermen, out of work because of BP’s incompetence and negligence, and offered to pay them up to $3000 a day to help them with their efforts to stop the spill. These are fishermen who now have no livelihood left. They were taken out where the dispersants are being dropped, dispersants that come with warnings for proper protection in areas where it is being used, protection for the skin and the lungs and all sorts of cool things. But the fishermen were told by BP that if they wore masks to protect their breathing, they would be fired. John Wunstell was one of these fishermen who went out and was around the dispersant, who got sick and ended up being medivac’d to the hospital. Outside the hospital, he was showered and cleaned up in tents set up to work with the people coming in from the oil slick areas. He was then taken into the hospital where he was admitted and treated. When he asked for his clothes back, though, he was informed that BP had taken them and would not be giving them back. The same applied to the other eight fishermen who were taken in to the hospital suffering from upset stomachs, nosebleeds, severe headaches, shortness of breath, nasal irritation... of course, the CEO for BP blames this on ‘food poisoning’ because apparently he has a fucking medical degree too. The oil company’s position on masks was that they did not supply them and they were not needed. They know they were not needed because they were carefully monitoring the air quality. Now, I’m sorry, but if I was told that, I would not be instilled with confidence either at BP’s ability or honesty. There are also reports that anyone who complains about the conditions or the health risks has received threats and so many are hesitant to talk about any of this. How much more of this shit are people going to put up with from a fucking oil company? Come on, Obama, get off the fucking pot and take care of this, before more people die. The cost in lives, a fact that seems to be totally irrelevant to some, has been to fucking high already.

DATELINE: ON OPRAH’S COUCH – Fergie, the Duchess of York, admits she was drunk when she was involved in the sting that found her offering, for a mere $40,000 cash up front and 500,000 pounds payment, access to her ex, Prince Andrew (aka the only hawt royal). She was ‘in the gutter at that moment’, not in her right place, that she was having financial problems, and she is sorry, so everything is just fucking fine, roses everywhere for the royal who just won’t stop adding some spice to Queen Lizzie’s life. Fergie, get a fucking job.

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