Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ding, Dong the Dick(tater) is Dead

DATELINE: ON THE RED CARPET AT THE NORTH KOREAN SEVERELY-OVERACTED OSCARS – And the award goes to... the masses of people wailing, clawing in the streets, pulling their hair out as they scream in agony at the loss of their incredible amazing altruistic generous loving leader. Hang on a minute while I go puke. At first I watched the coverage very carefully, looking for the tanks and guns that had to be trained on the people performing in the streets as the coffin screamed past. Then I thought that perhaps it was just that the people were offered fucking food for their outlandish performances.

North Korea – an oxymoron inside an oxymoron, run by a moron. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is, at the same time, a Juche Unitarian Single-Party State, and is nothing more than a fucking autocratic dictatorship run by a heartless thug who will sacrifice any number of his people for the sake of maintaining his almighty power and authority. This is a country run by a familial thread of despots, who cleverly guised their three-class union as the ultimate equalization of all classes, even though they are divided into peasant, worker and intellectual cliques. No matter how beautiful the fucking flag they drape over it, this is still an Orwellian ‘all pigs are created equal, but some pigs are more equal than others’ society... just with fewer more-equal pigs than most. Kim (insert any of the three given names in here -- they are one in the same) claims to allow freedom of religion while teaching children from the time they are born the proper way to pay homage to Kim Il-sung, the God of Korea, and his holy offspring. This Democratic Republic of Communism Oppression does, in fact, have a very impressive level of literacy, and believes in the value of education. Unfortunately the true value of education in their world is totally about brainwashing and control of the masses, making them willing to accept their need to freeze and starve while the government spends billions on nuclear weapon development and a fucking space program. They expound to their people the virtues of progress while keeping the entire population in an iron-clad bubble, designed to prevent them from knowing anything about what potential is out there, what equality is, that there really is hope for a life of freedom. They accept the starvation of their own babies, they watch their children die, they watch people executed for not toeing the line, but they save all their tears for the death of a politician.

Indifferent, unmoving, heartless and completely egomaniacal, Kim Jong-il ruled North Korea. Under his watch, two million people starved to death in one winter. Under his watch, international aid to help starving people was denied. Under his watch, people lived in hovels, froze in the extreme Korean winter cold, and lived in blissful ignorance of what the world is really about, what is really possible, that their lot is not the norm the world over. How could they know? They read what he allowed them to read, they did the jobs he told them to do, they heard what he allowed to be said. Now they cry hysterically in the streets, dropping to their knees, crawling along the fucking dirt streets on their hands and knees in grief, screaming for their beloved leader not to leave them. Such a contrast from the Arab Spring, where similar heartless dickheads could be joyfully executed in the streets by the people they oppressed, now aware of what they had been deprived and not willing to tolerate it any more. If, perhaps, the North Korean people had an inkling of the abuse they have been forced to tolerate, perhaps there would be no crying in the streets. Perhaps they would throw the bastard the ticker-tape parade he deserves on his trip through the streets on his way to hell, joining the likes of bin Laden, Hussein, Gadhafi, Hitler, Stalin and the other long string of tyrants who used the blood and flesh of the people to pad the walls of their fucking castles and the interior of their wallets. The sad truth of the pictures on television is that a country mourns, naively unaware, wrapped tightly in a blanket of deceit they will never shed in our lifetime. They do it, because that is what they are told to do... and you don’t disregard orders when you live in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.