Monday, February 28, 2011



– It’s very sad that there is anyone on who is a fucking nuts as Gadhafi, but watching the interview with Charlie Sheen… oppps… The Asswipe… on television this morning showed that he is more than up to the task of stealing the crown from Muammar. Make your kids watch it… It is all the evidence a person needs regarding the effect of drugs on your brain. How can I make that comparison? Simply watch their eyes; they both have the absolutely crazy indignant eyes going on, with the how-dare-you brow movements. Also consider the Amazonian guard that Gadhafi has, and Sheen’s new collection of live-in goddesses. More than anything, though, listen to the absolutely fucking nuts ravings and insane denials from both. Gadhafi denies using violence against his people (helicopters opening fire on the crowds notwithstanding) and Sheen denies he has done anything wrong, that he has any problems, and claims he is a ‘total frigging rock star from Mars’ with ‘tiger blood, Adonis DNA’ ---*squeeeeeee* He is soooooo speshulllll!! Gadhafi claims that drug addicts are trying to destroy and discredit him… Sheen claims that the network and the producer are ‘destroying my family’. ‘How?’ you might ask. ‘Well, duh’ (another of her erudite quotes from the interview) the network is taking money from his family by stopping the show. Lemme do some math here… he has made almost $2M PER EPISODE for the last year, so that along should feed a normal family with five kids for, oh.. a fucking lifetime, and now you dare to demand a 67% raise to make $3M an episode? Here are some facts, you petulant, puissant little piece of shit.. you made more money than you were worth, you pissed that money away with NO regard for your wives or your children, you have been irresponsible and unreliable to your co-workers (yes, practices are necessary and do count and only a completely dick-headed narcissist thinks otherwise), your rantings and diatribes totally confirm that the powers that be at the network and Warner Brothers (‘Charlie Brothers’?? Give me a fucking break) and it is now time for you to fade off into B Movie oblivion. Take those offers for those ‘great’ movies you listed… because that will mean I never have to see you on my television again. Please please please, Warner Brothers and CBS, cut that fucking asswipe loose, and carry on the show with Jon Cryer and Conchata Ferrell in the lead roles… they have earned it. Brooke and Denise… get the kids the hell away from him before he destroys more than just his own life. The kids deserve better and should be protected from this fucking insane asswipe.

DATELINE: ON THE CARPET TO EXCESS RICHES -- Much was made this week of the Canadian contribution to the gift bags given to the nominees at the Academy Awards ceremony last night. What the fuck is that about? Gift bags? There are people who make more money for one movie than many countries use to run their nations for a year, so what the hell are they getting gift bags for? And we are not talking chicken shit presents here… we’re talking in excess of $75,000 worth of trinkets like a Belize getaway, an all-inclusive week-long fitness retreat, and a getaway in the Maldives. This year’s goody bag also includes a Motorola Zoom Tablet, fashion designs, jewelry, silk neckwear with Swarovski crystals, artwork, gift certificates, cosmetics, tattoo removal, dog-cleaning products, electronic cigarettes, and the list goes on. What the hell is all this about? They need this shit? They need more travel, more clothes, more watches? There is nothing like celebrating excess with more fucking excess. Here is my suggestion… let the nominees keep their fucking Doggie Doo Doo Oxy Stain Remover (they might need that when the likes of Asswipe Sheen arrives on their doorstep), get cash donations from the generous people who provide the prizes, and give the money to people who really need it.. the ones who cannot make their mortgage payments right now, the ones who are about to lose their homes this month because they lost their jobs a couple months ago, the ones who have been living in their cars for the last year, the ones who sleep in the doorways, the little kids who have no food or health care... This whole fucking Hollywood schtick makes me want to puke.

DATELINE: STILL AMAZINGLY ON THE BENCH – It has taken society far too long to come to the point of realizing that just because a woman dresses in a skirt or wears make-up or goes out in public in the evening, it is not automatically assumed she is out there with the intention to get raped. It was a long and hard battle, and it still has a ways to go, but thanks to a fucking asshat named Robert Dewar, a Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench Justice, that cause has been set back twenty years. He stated in his judgment that it was perfectly normal for a woman to be dragged into the woods along a dark highway and viciously attacked and raped because of the way she was dressed on the night in question. Yes, he made this statement during sentencing, that there were ‘inviting circumstances’ because the woman was wearing high heels, a tube top and makeup. He said that ‘sex was in the air’ and the accused? Well, he was just a ‘clumsy Don Juan’ who maybe misunderstood what the woman wanted… so he dragged her out of town, into the woods to rape her and assault her. We all fucking scream for that. What was the outcome of the trial, you ask? Well, the man got a two-year conditional sentence, so he is free and out in the community, no harm, no foul. When considering the statistics regarding rapes, not even one third of them are reported to the police. Why? Because the woman is made to feel like she is the reason for it, because she is put on trial, because she is forced to relive the incident over and over and over again… for the son of a bitch to get a walk because of a fucking judge who has his head so far up his own ass, he probably has not seen the light of day in years. That he was NOT released immediately and a retrial ordered within the hour is criminal alone. The lives and safety of thousands of women are now at higher risk again, because of this fucking asshat. Perhaps next time he puts on a pair of shined shoes and a tie and combs his hair, someone should take him into the woods, beat him and rape him. Maybe that’s the only fucking way he will get a clue.

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