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DAILY NEWS - APRIL 21st, 2010


DAILY NEWS - APRIL 21st, 2010

– President Sarkozy seems bound and determined to pass his law forbidding women to wear a burqa. He claims this is because he wants to fight for the rights and dignity of women in his country, because they are being forced to do something they don’t want to do. Apart from the obvious irony (and arguable idiocy) of that statement in regard to a woman’s right to choose what she wears, there is one other little twist that sort of blows this theory all to hell in a hand basket. IF he felt this way about a woman’s dignity, a woman’s ability to not be abused or coerced, then why in the hell is Sarkozy playing post office for Polanski in his lame-ass attempt to plead his case in regard to sexually abusing a very young teen and then fleeing the country after working out a plea bargain to the lesser offence. When Sarkozy met with President Obama for his nuclear summit last week, it is reported in L’Expresse that he delivered a letter written by Polanski to the US President, pleading for clemency. Why the hell Sarkozy would be involved in this is totally fucking beyond me, but can you please explain to me how he can possible support clemency for an admitted rapist, a man who planned, drugged and raped a teenage girl, the ultimate attack on the rights and dignity of the victim, while at the same time claiming that he is doing the right thing for the rights and dignity of women by demanding they remove their religious garb? Welcome to the two faces of the President of France. If the issue of the burqa is nothing more than an issue of hate and intolerance, then the same restrictions on oppressive religious garb would apply to nuns as well. If the issue of the rights and dignity of a woman, then why the fuck is he doing anything to support an asshole rapist like Polanski?

DATELINE: REALITY TELEVISION HELL – Because there just aren’t enough of these fucking shows to make us puke, Sarah, Duchess of York, is pitching her own addition to the roster. Her premise? She will go around to middle American towns and fix their problems. Don’t that sound special? She can talk to them, solve all their problems, sort of like Anne Landers meets Ty Whatever-The-Hell-His-Name-Is who does the Extreme Make-overs. The fucking hubris of the plot is overwhelming. She will ‘fix the school in Boise or get another restaurant for Allentown’. Of course, her qualifications for doing this speak for themselves – former Royal, guest-hosting on the View, doing weightwatcher commercials… yup, she is more than qualified to snake a toilet in the council chambers of some bum-fuck town in the middle of nowhere. Of course, using that wonderful Palin logic, she is more than qualified, because she has seen a throne, even if it was from a distance. The ONLY fun part of this might be to see her go head-to-head with the former Alaska Governor… The Rogue Royal and the Gone Rogue being a Royal fucking pain in our television viewing asses.

DATELINE: IN A FOREST NEAR YOU – Speaking of Sarah Palin, researchers have discovered that some caterpillar species are able to speak through their asses. **waits patiently for readers to make that connection** It’s a behavior meant to scare interlopers away. It seems it works for people as well.

DATELINE: ROME – Pope Benedict announced today that the Catholic Church will now take the issue of sexual abuse committed by priests more seriously, that they will implement steps to protect the children of the parishes. Well, it’s about fucking time. He even said those magic words that these priests should be reported to the legal civil authorities when there are laws requiring them to do so. So, does that mean that it’s okay for priests to carry on with sexually abusing children in places where there are no laws to protect the children? That where the children are most vulnerable of all, well, what the hell? Those kids don’t matter so we don’t need to do the right thing there as well? Why the hell would he make such a stupid fucking statement as that? We shall see. However, they have a long way to go, because at this point in time, its nothing more than lip-service, and we know how experienced they are at that game.

DATELINE: DELAWARE – Indicted on 58 counts of rape, unlawful sexual contact, continuous sexual abuse of a child, sexual exploitation… 24 female victims, 10 years of committing crimes, 471 felony counts in total involving 102 girls and one boy. The numbers had to be seen first, because they are staggering. The person indicted: a Delaware pediatrician. The victims: his patients. One other scary statistic? This man has practices in three other states, so the list of victims and charges will undoubtedly grow as authorities start to look into his activities in Pennsylvania, New jersey and Florida. His defense: of course it will be that he cannot be held mentally responsible for his actions. Earl Bradley was a fucking doctor running a thriving practice for more than ten year, but what the hell. Bambi’s suggestion for sentencing? A case of Ginsu knives and a locked room with the parents of those children. His pecker should be served up on a platter. It’s time to do something to stop all this crap from happening, because these people in positions of trust and authority are totally fucking up society.

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